If earning a reputation and gaining views on YouTube is a mystery to you, then you’re reading the right YouTube SEO Guide. This will also help you earn more through monetizing your videos.

The level of saturation and content overload on YouTube has made it hard to gain an audience on your YouTube channel and increase views on your video. Certainly, creating valuable and worthy content is vital, but there are some other YouTube dynamics that determine who will see your video and how much attention will it get.

Like most of the well-known search engines and social media platforms, YouTube analyzes a range of content aspects to rank your channel and recommend your videos to a new audience. However, you can make your videos rank better in the YouTube search through precise optimization.  In this blog, we have prepared a YouTube SEO guide that you can apply to your videos to boost the watch hours and grow a larger audience.

What is YouTube SEO?

Before you dive into the SEO guide you must have a comprehensive understanding of YouTube SEO, what is it, and why it is so important. Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing the video-sharing essentials to make sure your videos are shown to more people.

It is a collection of effective strategies for improving the user experience on the platform. It also aims to expand the positioning and appearance of a particular video to a greater audience on YouTube. It is achieved through quality content production, short and catchy descriptions, appropriate tags, longer videos, and the use of the right keywords.

Does YouTube SEO Truly Work Wonders?

YouTube is relatively little different from text-based conventional Search Engines. It serves both as a hub of information and a social media platform. Some of you might be uncertain about the performance and results of YouTube SEO. But it is proven that the right set of strategies when combined with precise keywords does work wonders.

A lot of brands and companies have gained significant progress in their content ranking on YouTube by using the right mixture of techniques and modern SEO tactics such as keyword research, using appropriate tags, creating chapters, and using captions. You can do the same by following the tips of YouTube SEO given below.

1. Use Dynamic Fusion of Keywords

When it comes to keywords you must be thinking “I will use the most searched and rotating keywords”. Yes, that is true, highly searched keywords are great for use but they also have a high competition. That’s why the use of a dynamic mixture of keywords is important. What is meant by a dynamic mixture of keywords? It is a blend of highly searched keywords and long tail keywords in an appropriate proportion. Long tail keywords have a very low competition, they help you stand out, and frequently searched keywords help you rank at the same time.

2. A Decent Title Containing the Focal Keyword

After conducting the keyword search and making a fine list of highly effective keywords you have to make the title of the video that must contain the most pivotal keyword. The title is one of the main fields where the keyword should appear. Because this decides the indexing and ranking of the video in the specific content category. And, to position your video at a worthy spot in the YouTube database, the title should be closely associated with the user’s search terms.

3. Write Inclusive Descriptions containing all the Keywords

The YouTube SEO guide is not complete without discussing video descriptions and keywords. The description of your video is another highly significant area of attention. It must be written carefully with the right context. A good description provides complete information about the video in the most comprehensive way possible. The title should be very concise and to the point however, the description can be long and thorough. YouTube allows 5,000 characters to write the description of a video.

While writing the description of your YouTube video you must add all the potential keywords. It helps the algorithm to identify the type and genre of your video content. Proper and engaging descriptions increase video engagement and earn a better ranking on YouTube.

4. Resonating Captions and Vibrant Tags

When you upload your video, YouTube automatically provides automatic captions after analyzing the details. But these automatically generated captions and video tags only have an accuracy of 65-70 percent and the rest 30 percent is on you. Most of the time the auto-generated captions poorly match the context and the theme of the video. This makes the YouTube-generated tags and captions ineffective and incomprehensible. This ultimately affects the presence of the video on the platform. It is advisable to search for the most successful and vibrant tags and captions of your niche and manually add them to your video. 

5. Add Video Subtitles in Multiple Languages

This is the most valuable tip that you can use for the optimization of your YouTube videos. Most of the creators do not know about this way of bringing diversified viewership to their channels. According to the statistics, 16 percent of the total YouTube traffic comes from the U.S. That means the rest is from other countries where English is not a native language. By adding the subtitles in different languages, it will surely help to engage viewers from different countries and ultimately your audience base will grow faster.

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Final Thoughts

YouTube SEO is of absolute significance to anyone who wants to become a successful and reputed creator on YouTube no doubt there is fear of competition among YouTube video creators but it is definitely possible to stand out from others by following the above-mentioned effective YouTube SEO guide. The above-stated tips and techniques are up to date and will surely help you in hands your presence, which ultimately translates into better engagement, more views, and an improved subscription rate. Likewise, accurately optimized videos tend to rank well and become a reasonable source of organic traffic. By investing a tiny bit of your time and hard work in YouTube SEO you can easily increase your chances of building a successful channel and growing a larger audience base.

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