How do I ask question regarding a product?

If you need to know more about the product before you buy it, you may go to the “Questions” tab at the bottom of the corresponding product page. You may post your questions, however your question will only appear on the page once it is answered by the product Author.

How can I review a product?

Only after you purchase a product you may post a review and rate the product. This may be done in the “Reviews” tab section at the bottom of the product page you purchased.

What license do the digital products have?

You may go to the license page to read about the licensing of products and how you may use our downloaded products.

Where can I download items I previously bought?

After you buy a product you will be able to download it. you will see a link to download your product after successful payment.

However if you require to download it again at a later time you may go to your “My account” > “Downloads” and re-download it.

You may also view a list of your orders in the “My account” > “orders”.

Where do I change my password?

Once you are logged in, you may go to “My Account” > “Account Details” section on the top of the page and edit your account password.

Can I return a product?

Since the products are downloadable items, in principal they are not returnable. However we provide a free version for each product. Please try the “Free Version” provided to see if you like the product before you buy it. You may also ask any questions regarding the product in the “Questions” tab. This will help you get a better idea of the product before purchase.

Which methods are available for payment?

At the moment we provide payment through PayPal (You may pay with your credit cards through PayPal). We do not collect or store any information regarding payment and all payment is processed by PayPal. Please visit PayPal for more information.

What is the Free Version?

The “Free Version” is a version of the product which either contains a part of the product or a lower quality version of the product. The Free Version is for you to evaluate the product before you buy it. You may use the Free Version for any purpose, except selling it to others. you may go to Free Version to read more about it.

How can I delete my account?

Note that once you delete your account your previously purchased downloadable products, your orders and all of your account details will be deleted. This action is not reversible. You will not have access to download your digital products anymore. please download your purchased products before you decide to delete your account.
You may delete your account in “My Account” > “Edit Account”. You will see a link in the “Delete Your Account” section to deactivate and delete your account.