Seller terms

Seller terms


Hi thank you for becoming a seller at Digithru. Becoming a seller is easy on Digithru and since you are here, you have accepted Digithru member terms. These additional terms (Seller Terms) apply only for sellers on Digithru. In order to sell on Digithru you will have to agree with these terms. These terms defines the relationship, obligation and rights of sellers to us and to the buyers using Digithru. You agree to upload your digital product onto Digithru and make them available to buyers on the basis of these terms and our member terms. Please go through these terms carefully before becoming a seller. Throughout the agreement the word “You” refers to you the person who has registered as a seller on Digithru. The term “Digithru”, “we” or “us” refers to the owner of the website

Becoming a seller

The process of becoming a seller on Digithru is Free. However there is a review process on the products you submit to Digithru. We review products for some basic qualities and also copyright. If we feel that you are not the owner of a product or a product is extremely similar to another product we may not allow it on Digithru. We take copyright seriously and we only allow your own creations or product that you have copyrights to. Although we like to keep sellers informed about our review process and give constructive feedback, we are not in any way obliged to give reasons on why submitted products are rejected. We have the final say on whether a product is accepted or not. In order to become a seller there are easy steps you have to take stated on the become a seller page. Further information about payment, submission requirements and other important information will be provided on the sellers dashboard and upload section.

Selling an item


You are responsible for providing the license file together with your product. The license terms is determined by you.

Your earning and seller fee

When your digital product is sold on Digithru you will earn the product list price minus the transaction fee. The transaction fee is paid to Digithru due to the available payment gateways on our platform. Accordingly we must pay third party payment gateways. At the moment we have a constant 3.9% transaction fee for every product sold. This amount may change at any time. This will be reflected in our terms and condition upon change.

Price of digital products

You may set the price for your digital products. This totally depends on your decision on how much you want to sell your product. However prices must be decided independently and discussing prices with other sellers is not permitted on digithru.


We have a set of rules on reviewing our products and are happy to provide constructive feedback however we are not obliged to provide reasons on why we reject products. We have the final say on whether a product is accepted or not.

Payments of earning

Payments are made monthly as long as you have reached our threshold. Our current threshold is only 50 euros. If you are making more than this amount you will be paid monthly to your provided Paypal account. Make sure you have provided your account before the end of the month. Your payment details have to be correct and belong to you. Despite section — we reserve the right to pay you at any time at our own discretion. There may be expenses or fees incurred (by your bank) upon payment of earning.

We hold the right to withhold any earnings due to legal issues, copyright infringements or any breach from our terms and conditions until disputes are resolved.

Payment methods have their own standard terms and conditions regarding refunds, chargebacks, fees or unauthorised transactions. If any of the items on Digithru is subject to any of these conditions, we reserve the right to deduct it from your earnings.

In case of refund or credit to a buyer involving issues with a certain item, we reserve the right to deduct that form your earnings.

We only make payments in Euros. Your bank or institution may impose fees to convert this to any other currency. You are solely responsible for the fees incured.

We may offset payments due to anyone else against payments due to you in case of breach of any warranty that you have made to us.

You will receive payment delays in the following cases.

  • You have not provided the correct payment details
  • You have provided an account from an institution that we cannot make payment to due to legal reasons or due to limitations in the banking system.
  • You have not reached the minimum threshold

Seller Taxes

Digithru is the platform that you use to sell your digital products. For tax purposes we will be the service provider to you and we will account for our tax obligations on the commission that we receive from you.

On the other hand we will sell your products to buyers. We will also account for EU VAT for buyers who are purchasing digital product from us (digithru).

We take care of EU VAT tax payment by collecting, accounting and paying the EU VAT to responsible authorities.

Why must you impose VAT charges on my customers if I am already registered for VAT in either my EU country or the UK?

According to the new VAT regulations implemented on January 1, 2015, digital portals, platforms, gateways, and marketplaces that facilitate the electronic provision, payment authorization, and delivery/download of electronic services are required to collect, report, and remit VAT. Digithru is classified as a qualifying marketplace under these regulations and bears the responsibility of collecting and remitting VAT.

What if my customers are exempt from paying VAT?

If your customers possess a VAT ID, they can input it during the checkout process or later when receiving their invoice in order to obtain a refund. Further information can be found here.

Is it possible for me to opt out of charging VAT on my digital products or include it in the product price?

No, this is not permissible.

Are there increased fees imposed on VAT sales to account for processing costs?

No, we do not charge higher fees for VAT sales to cover processing expenses.

What occurs if I refund a customer from the EU/UK who has already paid VAT?

All refunds comprise the initial sale amount along with the VAT. In the case of a partial refund, a proportional VAT refund will also be issued.

We may collect your geographical location for tax purposes. We will also ask for information and details required for tax purposes. These information will be used for tax purposes and may be passed to the relevant authorities and regulators in accordance with our obligations.

We may require you to give us tax related documents or information for identification purposes. These is generally used to verify that information used for tax purposes are accurate. These information may be submitted to corresponding authorities or regulators for complying with tax regulations and procedures.

Invoice for buyers: To comply to tax obligations in the European Union we will be issuing invoices to buyers and Digithru we will be stated as the seller on invoices provided to buyers. In this way we can account and pay for VAT regulations.

Invoice for sellers: If you require to issue an invoice for your tax regulations you have to issue it to Digithru since in this case you are providing us services and we are paying you (Your earnings from Digithru).

Your responsibilities as a seller

As a seller on Digithru you agree to the following terms. You warrant to us and buyers that your item has:

  1. The quality of your item is acceptable under its sold purpose
  2. Item description and preview photos provided by you matches and represents your items
  3. You have the necessary rights to license the item and you do not infringe any copyright.
  4. You will provide buyers of any express warranties that are not stated in Digithru terms.
  5. The use of the item does not violate the intellectual property of any other parties.
  6. The item and description are not false, misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, unlawful or defamatory.
  7. The item and description do not violate any applicable laws or regulations.
  8. The item is in no way destructive or contains viruses or malware or code that may limit or impair functionality of others computer software or hardware.
  9. You will process any information in accordance with privacy and data protection laws. We may have to provide you with buyers information in certain cases. You agree to keep the information fully confidential and accordance to privacy laws.
  10. If you make your item available for free all the above statements still apply.
  11. You are liable to each buyer and you have responsibilities to us and each buyer.

As a seller you warrent to Digithru that:

  1. You will follow guidelines and rules provided by us on Digithru.
  2. Information and documents provided by you are accurate.

We are not liable for any damage or loss suffered by you as a result of your items misuse by buyers or use of items outside Digithru terms or the item’s license.

We may use your item for promotional services like email, public relations, landing pages, presentations or on other sites in order to promote Digithru. No compensations is payable for this purpose to sellers.

We have the right to remove any item if it does not meet the requirements, is not in accordance with terms on Digithru or if we find out about impairments or copyright infringements. We will try to contact you before item removal but since this is not always possible or feasible, items may be removed without notice.