5 methods to make money from your videos online

Methods Make Money Videos
Methods Make Money Videos

Have you considered starting a small company in your spare time to supplement your income? Have you ever thought that you may use videos to generate money? There are dozens of methods that video entrepreneurs have discovered to make a part-time living from video and launch highly lucrative full-time enterprises. Above all you don’t need a Hollywood studio set or expensive camera equipment to create videos. In other words, all you need is a good smartphone, video editing software, and imagination.

Why don’t you start generating money with your films if that’s something you enjoy doing? Right today, there are a plethora of ways for you to generate money with your films. In essence, these money-making strategies entail creating engaging films and distributing them online to attract more viewers and monetize the traffic your videos generate. Here are five methods to earn money with videos that you can get started now:

1. Create videos and Upload To YouTube

Definitely the most systematic approach for most video producers to begin generating money with their creations. Youtube is the biggest and the most famous video platform. Due to its huge traffic base many people choose YouTube as their preferred choice.However there are many alternative platforms to YouTube where you can upload your videos in order to make money. These include Dailymotion, Vimeo On Demand, Twitter Amplify, Facebook In-stream Ads, Amazon Video Direct, Uscreen, Thinkific, Patreon and even Facebook. Though the the percentage paid may be different for each platform, all have a similar monitization structure.

YouTube is straightforward to set up and doesn’t need a significant investment in video equipment:

  • Make a YouTube channel
  • Begin posting videos to your channel regularly

When your channel begins to grow in popularity and followers, you may sign up to monetize your videos by enabling YouTube to display advertisements on your videos. Therefore, the more views, the more money you’ll make from individuals who watch or click on your video advertisements. You may start a YouTube channel right now, but revenues will take a long time to accumulate.

There are basically five qualities you should consider when producing Youtube videos.

1. Be Helpful

Most importantly your videos should bring value to viewers. That means that it either has to solve a problem, teach them something or entertain them.

2. Video length

Although video length is not intrinsically important, producing long videos that don’t provide value all the way may get viewers bored. On the other hand extremely short videos may not provide enough value due to time limitation.

3. High-Quality

Videos should have high resolution and quality. Your videos should be at least 1080p.

4. Well-Edited

Remove parts that you feel are not necessary. This helps a lot in increasing viewers watch time since unnecessary parts may get your viewers bored.

5. Understandable

Make your video as simple and comprehensible depending on your viewer type. Most people watch videos in their spare time or to learn something quickly. Hence straightforward and easy to understand videos usually get much more views.

Choose engaging title and description in order to get your content trending and help drive viewers to your channel. Do not use “clickbait” title since this will hurt your channel in the longrun. Using relevant keywords and tags helps you reach a much bigger audience.

After you get a meaningful amount of views on your channel you may start monetizing your channel through ads, referrals, sponsorship and promotions. You may also place affiliate links or sell your own merchandise. Plenty of brands will also approach you if you have a huge number of viewers, so all you really need to focus in is growing the number of your subscribers.

2. Edit or create videos for others

Many individuals want to start generating money with videos, but they lack the skills to produce professional-quality films independently. Other groups of indviduals require videos as part of their jobs or projects. For example people who record videos in various evens. As a result, you may assist these folks in creating high-quality films for their project. For instance you may accept their orders to make, edit, or even promote films in this fashion, and you can get compensated for the services you do. You may, of course, use your video creation services locally for special occasions like weddings and conferences. Websites like fiverr, upwork and freelancerdotcom allow you to provide your video editing services online. Once you have built a strong portfolio you may approach high end clients for new projects.

3. Make Tutorial and Educational Videos

If you’re a subject matter expert in a particular niche or topic, it’s a good idea to start making instructional videos in that area. How-to and tutorial videos may help your audience learn more about a topic they’re interested in while also assisting them in solving issues. Suppose you’re a fitness teacher, for example. In that case, you might make video tutorials on how to perform exercises to lose weight, do activities to develop muscle, execute specific exercises properly, and so on.

You can sell your videos as a bundle via download or even physically sending them to buyers. There is also the possibility of selling them as a subscription service in which users have to pay fees to get access to your other videos. Other options include pay-per-view service online, selling them as a bundle via download or sending them on a disc or other memory storage devices. Starting today, you can make money with videos by creating and selling tutorial videos. There are many platforms where you can sell educational videos depending on how you want to sell them. Read the following article for a full guide on platforms suitable for selling courses.

4. Create stock footage for sale

Various stock photo services sell photos for multiple purposes. It is possible to sell stock videos for commercial purposes. Commercial video makers typically utilize these stock videos to finish their projects. Consequently, If you can make excellent movies on fascinating themes, you may sell your stock footage on various platforms right away and start making money with videos. It is good to know that if you sell stock footage through websites, the income will be divided with the service provider that hosts your stock footage; they will store the movie, manage the transactions, and do the marketing. You may sell stock footage directly through your website if your movies have a specific theme or focus, such as underwater video footage. You might start generating money with your videos quickly if you have a large enough audience, but for most video entrepreneurs, building a lucrative market will take time.

5. Place affiliate links on highly viewed videos

Another approach to generating money with videos is to produce or purchase the rights to viral videos, which you can then use to sell product placement or affiliate items. People will like viewing and sharing viral videos since they are brief. You can make inspiring or funny videos and share them on social media hoping that your social connections will comment on and share them with their friends. But remember that there is no guarantee a video will go viral, and you may make a hundred of them before seeing one go viral.

You can uncover videos that are just starting to gain traction if you pay close attention to various social media networks. Find the video’s source or author and offer to split the profits with them in exchange for the placement of advertising and suitable affiliate links.

If you watch enough videos become viral, you’ll be able to recognise films before they go viral and figure out the best methods to assist a good video go viral. If you can identify viral videos in advance, you will earn money sooner and obtain a more significant revenue.

Best seller books on making money on youtube

The YouTube Formula is a Wall Street Journal bestseller book published by Wiley us the best way to learn all the tricks. The book is also an Amazon best seller and teaches you valuable strategies from launching your channel to increasing engagement. It is available in hardcopy and kindle format.

Crushing YouTube is also another best seller book on Amazon which helps you on how to get subscribers quickly. The author shares his experience on how he got 75000 subscribers in 18 months.

Final Words

Thanks to technological advances, we no longer need to go to an office to make money. The Internet has provided dozens of methods for making money, and videos are lucrative ones. You can create videos on various topics and help them go viral on platforms like YouTube to earn money. So, start today and use the strategies mentioned in the article to make a steady income.

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