User-friendly Website Design Trends

website Color Schemes
website Color Schemes

If someone is visiting your website, the design layout will be the first impression of your business. Great designs create a feel of luxury and trust. And make new visitors come back again and again. In the developing digital world, it is not possible to engage visitors with an ordinary design. You certainly need to follow the evolving design trends to cast a long-lasting impression. Website design trends are mainly centered on user-friendly interaction, minimalism, smart graphics and soft color representation

In this article, we’ll discover the top-notch website design trends in depth. These trends will help you create a user-friendly interface and a dynamic design, so your website will attract more visitors and hence increase your traffic. Set back and let us guide you through.

A. Smartphone-friendly and Responsive Interfaces

A large number of websites today are overloaded with external integrations and elements resulting in slower loading times on smartphones. However, there are several methods available to create smarter websites that load only the necessary content for the user. Techniques such as infinite scrolling have been employed by major social networks and they are particularly popular for lengthy single-page websites.

Many wise website owners are focusing more on improving their layouts for a smartphone display. Because eighty-five percent of people search for a product, or service, book an appointment, or look for insurance on their phones.

B. The Parallax Scrolling Effect

It is a 3D scrolling effect that is very appealing but rarely found on websites. Observations have shown that websites having the parallax scrolling effect tend to see more repeated visitors. This not only adds aesthetic value to your website but also offers a luxury user experience.

However, it should only be used in full-width sections because it requires more space to create a depth effect. Use images, GIFs, and or elevated text to make the parallax effect prominent. When the users scroll through the media, it gives an illusion of media motion in parallax to the images and text positioned before it, making the content more attractive.

C. Use of Animations when Loading Pages

The user starts to feel annoyed when they have to wait for the loading time and specifically see the circular buffering sign. If your website often slows down you can use cute loading animations to make the waiting time less boring. Loading animations were used at the beginning of the web but they wore out of trend after some time.

Recently, an increase has been observed in the use of loading animations. Loading from page to page and especially at areas of micro-interactions such as sign-ups, contact, and feedback boxes the use of animations will add high value to your website design.

D. Content Division and Classification

One of the very common reasons why most websites do not succeed in engaging new visitors is the uneven content division on their pages. Website design trends are focused on the appropriate distribution and classification of content in a way that the visitors can easy access the specific thing they are looking for.

No one likes a messy and disordered website and no one tries to find the product, service, or article they are looking for. You have to arrange things in an orderly manner according to their respective value and importance. Sketch out a content division map that makes everything look defined and clear.

website Content Division

E. Soft-hued Color Schemes and Combinations

The era of bold and bright colors is gone. No one wants to torture their eyes by looking at a website interface full of flashy banners and bold color combinations. To be unique and valuable among the audience as compared to your competitors you need very sophisticated and soft-hued color schemes. Avoid using inappropriate contrast that makes no sense. Study the color contrast wheel and use combinations wisely. Moreover, the color configurations must be consistent and have a symmetry throughout all the pages.

Website Design Trends

F. Grid Layout vs. Overlapping Layout

As we have discussed your website should look very tidy and clutter-free. This is better achieved by using a grid layout on the pages. It makes the user experience better and saves their time. And it is the law of nature that when you add value and save someone’s time, they return that value. However, if your webpage is not directly related to product selling, Flexbox or overlapping theme will be a better option as it gives a more aesthetic and appealing look to the website. 

 G. Personalize the User Interaction

The introduction of customization options for the visitors on the websites is the most effective way of persuading visitors to keep coming back. Many sites have started offering personalization options on their pages for desired viewing experiences. Web practices are becoming more flexible according to the needs and likings of their users.

People respond well to sites that value their preferences. They interact better and become a part of the regular audience when they have the right to customize for their comfort. This trend was shown in online games but now many websites have started using the same to grow their audience base at an exponential rate.

Final Verdict    

The modern and successful websites have one thing in common. On these websites, users find unique and appealing designs and interactive interfaces to engage. Website Design Trends are orbiting around the execution of contemporary and audience-welcoming designing ideas.

Using the above-stated trends can surely bring plentiful benefits. They might scale your website to a new level, build reliance, and authority, drive more traffic, increase visitor commitment, and strengthen the brand’s repute. And, most essentially, deliver the right message to the audience and leave a lasting positive imprint.

These website design trends are more than enough to apply to your website according to your content niche and stand out from among your competitors. A few simple trending design ideas can do wonders for your website and business. That’s why you should consider updating your website’s design and rank up in the digital market.

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