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Where would you begin if you were tasked with creating an infographic for someone else?

Certainly not with a blank sheet of paper or Google Doc to work with. You probably wouldn’t start from scratch; rather, you’d look for an infographic design template that you could utilize as a starting point or at least take inspiration from.

Modern marketers benefit greatly from the utilization of graphic design templates in their work. They save valuable time and energy. They also provide you direction, ideas, and advice for practically all forms of material.

This article is written with the intention of assisting you in optimizing the use of design templates for your business. You may either continue reading to get started, or you can utilize the chapter links down below to get a head start.

What is a graphic design template?

Graphic design templates are pre-made designs and documents that may be changed to the user’s specifications. In order to maintain coherence among users and mediums, templates are frequently developed to conform to a predetermined set of criteria or specifications. You have the option of using pre-designed templates that are available in template libraries and on websites. You may also develop bespoke templates yourself that can be used in the future.

Why Should you use Graphic Design Templates?

It is important to have a well-designed product. However, not everyone has the financial means to engage a freelance designer or an in-house design team.

Design templates eliminate any complex design phases. They provide even the most inexperienced graphic designer all the tools necessary to produce stunning images.

Here are some further justifications for utilizing design templates:

Quick and Convenient

It takes a lot of time and effort for marketers (or business owners or even designers) to repeatedly construct the same design from scratch. Therefore graphic design templates save them that time and effort. They make it easier for you to do the task. All you have to do is fill in the necessary information.

You’ll also save time by using design templates. Are you up against a deadline for your postcards or printed advertisements? Are you getting ready to open a restaurant and in need of a fresh menu? Get yourself a design template, type in the required information, and then send it on its way.

Predefined and ready

When acquired from trusted websites, design templates are made with the intention of meeting any and all requirements imposed by the reasons for which the templates were designed.

If you download a design template for your Etsy store cover photo, it is probably already configured to the correct width and length as stated by the site. This is especially true if the template was designed specifically for that purpose. The same principle applies to design templates for various forms of social media and print media. This includes postcards, business cards, email headers, and Facebook advertisements.

Graphic design templates are an additional tool that assist in maintaining brand guidelines and consistency. When a company decides to define its brand, this is one strategy that can help it maintain consistency throughout the organization. Regardless of who is responsible for producing advertisements or other marketing assets, the main goal is to create design templates for all of the major visual, written, and print components of the brand.

Optimized for maximum performance

Poor design is bad for search engine optimization. People are more likely to “bounce” away from your website and go to one of your competitors if they visit your site and are unable to simply traverse a content offer or web page while they are there. This indicates to search engines that your website does not provide useful responses to the queries that are entered.

You may circumvent this problem by using design templates. If you have an excellent design and user experience, search engines won’t penalize you for it, and people won’t leave your site in search of something better.

inexpensive and easy to acquire

The vast majority of design templates are available for free, particularly when supplied as part of content deals by companies. Canva, Creative Market, SlideModel, and Adobe are some of the other online resources where users may acquire design templates for free or at a low cost.

Canva, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word are just few of the apps that allow you to make your own design templates without charging a fee.

The majority of information, whether it be printed, digital, written, or visual, may benefit from the utilisation of design templates.

Types of graphic design templates

The following is a list of many significant locations where graphic design templates may come in helpful, as well as where they may be found.


The marketing industry places a significant emphasis on visual material. An even greater focus should be placed on producing stunning and consistent visual material.

Whether you’re developing an infographic to accompany a new report, scattering symbols over a PowerPoint presentation, or designing a brand-new image for a website, design templates may assist you in maintaining brand coherence and consistency throughout the visual marketing content you produce.


Creating digital material on your own may be a challenging endeavour. When creating a homepage, blog, landing page, or any other type of digital content, marketers and company owners can begin their work with a starting point provided by website design templates.

Site builders like as Squarespace, Wix, and shopify often offer pre-made web design templates. These templates are tailored to each of their individual websites.

In addition, WordPress offers templates, also known as WordPress themes, that simplify the process of publishing your site by requiring only the addition of content from your end.


Some of the most popular design templates used by marketers today are ones that were intended for textual content. Why? mainly due to the fact that design templates enable content marketers to focus on what they do best (content), while the templates themselves take care of everything else (gorgeous design and convenient use).

Let’s imagine you want to create an e-book, and you realise you need a pretty template. Working with a design template not only allows you to concentrate more on the writing element of the project, but it also provides direction on how to organise the material you have.

Remember to provide informative content on your website, such as news releases. The conventional method of doing public relations can benefit from the inventive addition of design templates.

The same principle applies to email marketing initiatives. The vast majority of email marketing systems offer pre-designed email templates into which users only need to add their own information.

Last but not least, the adoption of design templates may also be helpful for internal purposes. Do you require assistance in the organisation of your content marketing efforts? What do you think about putting together an editorial schedule for your team? You may get a head start on producing such papers and processes with the aid of design templates. Some of the most popular design templates used by marketers today are ones that were intended for textual content. Why? mainly due to the fact that design templates enable content marketers to focus on what they do best (content). At the same time the templates themselves take care of everything else (gorgeous design and convenient use).


Any content that is presented to the public, and especially any promotional information, needs to be in line with the brand. The use of design templates can assist achieve this standardisation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a series of promotional graphics for social media, creating a PPC ad, building an online presentation, developing a new call-to-action button for a landing page, or even building a new menu for your restaurant or catering business; you should consider using design templates to maximise impact among customers.

You can find various templates on websites such as Canva or AdEspresso. They can also be easily generated using tools such as PowerPoint.

Design templates help you save time, maintain brand consistency, and improve your search engine optimization. Design templates may be of assistance to you in a number of situations. This can be when you are looking for fresh ideas for an advertising campaign on social media or when you are trying to establish uniformity among the content of your website.

You might want to consider developing your own or saving any that were listed above for use in the future.

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Useful books about graphic design templates

The following book will help you create desing templates yourself using Canva and Createspace. If you are interested in creating templates for your own business or even for others then read the following book.

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