success never smelled so sweet

“Success Never Smelled So Sweet: How I Followed My Nose and Found My Passion” is a memoir written by Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter, a beauty products company. The book tells the story of Lisa’s journey from making homemade beauty products in her Brooklyn kitchen to building a multi-million dollar company.

The book begins with Lisa’s childhood in Brooklyn and her passion for making her own beauty products. She was inspired by her mother, who made her own face cream and taught Lisa to appreciate natural ingredients. Lisa’s passion for beauty products continued throughout her life, and she began making her own products in her kitchen while working full-time in television production.

Lisa’s passion for making natural beauty products eventually led her to start Carol’s Daughter, a company that specialized in products made with natural ingredients. She started the company with $100 and began selling her products at flea markets and craft fairs. The company grew slowly but steadily, and Lisa eventually quit her job to focus on Carol’s Daughter full-time.

As the company grew, Lisa faced many challenges. She struggled to find investors who believed in her vision, and she had to learn how to manage a growing team of employees. She also faced competition from larger companies who were copying her products and undercutting her prices. Through it all, Lisa remained focused on her vision and worked tirelessly to grow her business.

One of the key themes of the book is the importance of following your passion. Lisa’s love for making natural beauty products was something that she had been passionate about since childhood, and it ultimately led her to start her own company. She also emphasizes the importance of hard work, persistence, and resilience. Despite facing many obstacles and setbacks, Lisa remained committed to her vision and worked tirelessly to make her dreams a reality.

Another theme of the book is the importance of staying true to your values. Lisa was passionate about using natural ingredients in her products and was committed to using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in her business. She also made it a priority to give back to her community, and she used her success to support charitable causes and mentor other entrepreneurs.

Overall, “Success Never Smelled So Sweet” is an inspiring story of a woman who followed her passion and built a successful business from the ground up. Lisa Price’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and staying true to your values. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, natural beauty products, or simply looking for inspiration to pursue their own dreams.