You may just have started writing an ebook and wondering what is the best format to use. This is actually a legitimate question to ask because the format ultimately influences the success of your ebook. Here we will go over various ebook formats and explain how you should choose the best one for your intended project.

Here are the most popular ebook formats to keep in mind if you’re a writer.

Adobe indesign

Adobe’s sophisticated design programme provides authors with a wide range of possibilities for the layout and presentation of their ebooks.
These premium capabilities may be out of reach for others. However adobe indesign continues to be the go-to for marketing professionals in need of professional design tools.


Adobe’s suite of products is famously packed with useful extras. Since indesign allows you to make and include custom design components directly into the document, your ebooks will look their best when prepared with indesign.


All of the bells and whistles that indesign provides can be overkill for a novice designer or a marketer whose only goal is to publish a passable ebook. Both the design and the usability of indesign aren’t particularly user-friendly, which means you may end up spending more time on the programme than is really necessary.

Google slides

When compared to indesign, google slides is a more user-friendly option for creating an ebook. As the ebook is hosted online, you and your team can work together in real time to produce a high-quality final product. Oh, and it’s free, which is great if you’re working with a tight budget for advertising.


If you’re a marketer who has to put up a quality ebook quickly, google slides is an excellent tool for you to use, especially if you’re working with a team and soliciting their input. If you are new to both google slides and indesign, you may find that the former’s ui is more intuitive.


Google slides is essentially a presentation tool rather than an ebook creation tool. Therefore you may lose out on several crucial aspects that would help make your ebooks attractive enough to earn your leads’ attention.
On the other side, you may need to create design components in a different programme (like adobe illustrator or canva). This needs to be then imported into your google slides presentation. If you need to find design elements you’ve already made after the fact, this could lead to an incoherent creation experience.

Microsoft powerpoint

Powerpoint is a presentation tool that can be used to construct an ebook, and it’s a step up from google slides but still not nearly as sophisticated as adobe’s offerings.


Powerpoint offers various advantages over google slides that the latter lacks, such as superior design effects. Powerpoint is also available without an internet connection, so you may create ebooks whenever you choose.


Unlike the free options in google docs and slides, powerpoint requires payment. As a result, you and your team won’t be on the same page while making changes or additions together. Finally, it provides more artistic options than google slides but not as many as indesign’s sophisticated tools.

Best ebook formats for consumption

The ebook formats shown here are optimal for reading content since they allow for the incorporation of connections, the simulation of a physical book’s layout, and the addition of further materials. Examples of available formats are:

Interactive pdf

An electronic book in an interactive portable document format (pdf) is the finest format for reading ebooks (pdf).
Because of its many advantages, pdfs are the format of choice for content marketing ebooks. Among these advantages is the fact that they look the same and are easily readable regardless of the device used.
This format can provide in-text citations to supporting materials. Moreover, the format will be preserved regardless of whatever browser our prospects use to read the ebook (chrome, safari, or preview). If people access the file on their phones or computers, they’ll see the same thing.
As a result of the book’s interactivity, in this format you can offer a blank text box for a related task. A further advantage? Instructed exercises can be finished in the browser or on a mobile device.


The electronic publishing (epub) file format uses the “. Epub” file extension to store electronic books.
Because of its widespread adoption by e-reader manufacturers, epubs have recently experienced a surge in popularity. However, the format is also a feasible if limited alternative for content marketing ebooks because it is accessible on apple macos and ios products via apple books.
Unlike other file types,. Epub documents may be scrolled through. To view more than one page, users will need to horizontally scroll or swipe, much like when reading a physical book. In contrast, pdfs require vertical scrolling. The epub format makes your information feel more like a book than a webpage. This enables your readers to have a more traditional reading experience. This, however, may increase the effort required by the reader in navigating the text and locating the information they want.
In addition, the. Epub format allows for the embedding of video and audio files, unlike the pdf format. This gives your readers access to more interactive content without forcing them to leave the ebook.
Instead of using pdf, indesign allows you to export your books as. Epub files, giving you more flexibility in how you present your material. Even if it’s not what you want, you should expect that some of your viewers will be unable to access your material. Because of the constraints of the format, this is the case. For instance,. Epub files cannot be read by kindle readers. If you want your ebook to be compatible with the kindle, you’ll have to provide readers with an alternative format.

How to choose the right ebook format

After publishing, your ebook’s success is inextricably linked to the format you choose. Here are some guidelines to assist you select the ideal one for your work.

Consider your target audience

Who exactly are your clients? Before settling on an ebook format, this is the first question you should ask yourself. Your material should be simple to understand for your target audience. For instance, if you want to reach a wide audience, you can think about using an ebook format that can be read on a variety of electronic readers.

Decide how you’ll market your ebook

A major consideration when settling on a format for your ebook should be how you want to promote it. Because of the time constraints involved, you will be self-publishing your ebook. Either your own website or a third-party marketplace like amazon would work.
When you self-publish an ebook, you have complete control over how and where it is promoted. In order to attract a large readership, you’ll need to publish your ebook in a format that’s accessible across devices, such as azw. In this way, your readers will be able to access your book from the widest possible range of devices.

Consider the nature of your ebook

The ebook’s nature is another consideration while selecting the optimal format. Will there be a lot of text, or will there also be pictures? Do you plan to incorporate downloadable digital goods, such as google sheets, that readers might find useful? What follows is a list of considerations that will lead you to the ebook format that is ideal for your work. It’s important to make sure the ebook format you pick can display all of the content categories you plan to include in your ebook. So it’s a good idea to make a list of them beforehand if feasible.
You’ll need a format that supports sound and video if you plan to sell an ebook that includes digital photographs and graphics. Epub, in contrast to mobi, allows for the inclusion of multimedia components like as movies, colour photos, and interactive elements like quizzes and bookmarks.
You should resist the need to make hasty assumptions about how your ebook will look when it’s finished. It’s possible that the final result won’t be close to what you had hoped for, and fixing it may be costly. Be sure to ask questions and do your homework on all of the functions of each format before making a final decision.

Consider the security or privacy of your ebook

Because of the effort put into writing an ebook from start to end, the last thing you want is for everyone to be modifying it after it’s been released. There are a number of ways this might affect your brand. False information about your project might spread among your target audience, for instance, leading to unintended consequences. If your ebook has editable content, give the reader the option of creating a new document before making any changes. In addition to safeguarding their privacy, your readers will be prevented from inadvertently disclosing sensitive information in a public document.
You should protect your ebook from being copied, distributed illegally, and read by minors. This restricts your readers’ ability to distribute your work for free, which is especially important for expensive ebooks. Select a drm-protected format like epub if you’re concerned about distribution (drm). The latter prevents data from being illegally copied by locking it to a certain system.

Think about the budget

The greatest technique to decide between two or more acceptable ebook formats for your project is to look at the prices they’d ask. How much do the various ebook distribution platforms cost to release your book? Would that even be possible? Think about how much it would cost to grow as well. Both up front and over time, the finest ebook formats are inexpensive. A low beginning cost is of little use if it stunts your development. You want an ebook format that not only helps you get your product out the door quickly, but also doesn’t break the bank as you grow.

Choose the right ebook format and get started

Popular ebook formats on the market include a variety of file types. What works for one publisher may not be the greatest option for another, as is the case with most things in business. Don’t rush into anything before you’ve looked into the many features each format offers and determined which one works best for your needs.
Think on how much your ebook will cost, what it will contain, and most crucially, how best to get it into the hands of your target readers. If you are going to publish an ebook the following article provides a full guide on the topic.

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