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how to sell your art online


“How to Sell Your Art Online” by Cory Huff is a comprehensive guide that equips artists with the knowledge and strategies they need to effectively market and sell their artwork in the digital age. Drawing from his own experiences as an artist and art marketer, Huff provides valuable insights and practical tips to help artists navigate the online art marketplace and build a successful art business.

Navigating the Online Art Marketplace

The book begins by addressing the unique challenges faced by artists in today’s digital landscape and the opportunities that the internet presents. Huff emphasizes the importance of understanding the target market and developing a clear brand identity to differentiate oneself in a crowded online art space. He guides artists through the process of identifying their target audience, defining their artistic style, and effectively communicating their artistic vision to potential buyers.

Optimizing Online Presence and Marketing Strategies

Huff delves into various online platforms and channels that artists can leverage to showcase and sell their artwork. From establishing a professional website to utilizing social media platforms and online marketplaces, he provides step-by-step instructions and best practices for optimizing each online presence. Huff offers insights on creating compelling artist biographies, writing engaging art descriptions, and capturing high-quality images of artwork to enhance its online presentation.

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to effective marketing strategies for artists. Huff covers essential topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, content creation, and building an engaged online community. He emphasizes the value of storytelling and leveraging personal narratives to connect with potential buyers on a deeper level. Huff also shares insights on pricing artwork, negotiating sales, and maximizing profitability.

Building Relationships and Exploring Alternative Avenues

One of the key strengths of “How to Sell Your Art Online” is its emphasis on building relationships and networking within the art community. Huff stresses the importance of connecting with fellow artists, art collectors, galleries, and influencers in order to expand one’s reach and tap into new opportunities. He provides guidance on attending art events, participating in juried exhibitions, and effectively utilizing artist residencies and grants.

Huff also explores the world of art licensing, print-on-demand services, and selling art through third-party vendors. He discusses the benefits and considerations of these alternative avenues for artists to generate passive income and reach a wider audience. Huff provides practical tips on licensing agreements, copyright protection, and maintaining artistic integrity while working with commercial partners.

Artistic Development and Mindset

In addition to the technical aspects of selling art online, Huff delves into the mindset and personal development of artists. He addresses common challenges such as self-doubt, fear of rejection, and balancing creativity with business acumen. Huff offers guidance on developing a resilient mindset, embracing rejection as a learning opportunity, and maintaining a consistent art practice amidst the demands of running an online art business.

Ongoing Learning and Professional Growth

Furthermore, the book explores the importance of ongoing learning and professional growth for artists. Huff encourages artists to stay updated with industry trends, engage in continuous skill development, and seek opportunities for collaboration and mentorship. He provides a list of recommended resources, online communities, and workshops where artists can further enhance their knowledge and expand their artistic practice.

In summary, “How to Sell Your Art Online” is a comprehensive and practical guide that empowers artists to navigate the online art marketplace and build a successful art business. Cory Huff’s expertise and insights provide valuable guidance on branding, marketing, and selling artwork in the digital age. Through actionable strategies and real-world examples, artists can gain the confidence and skills needed to effectively showcase and sell their art online, ultimately achieving their artistic and financial goals.