Create and sell digital products using a sales page – Quick guide

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Create and sell digital products using a sales page – Quick guide


Format: PDF Book Length: 21 pages Language: English Publisher: Digithru Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: N/A

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Reading over this short guide you’ll notice I don’t teach anything revolutionary or overly complex, that’s not what this guide is about. Instead, it’s about approaching things in an order and way that increases your new Product’s chance of being a success.

This Guide is all about the Approach, for example: Most people first create the Product they are going to sell, then write the Sales Copy that will sell that product. In this guide I stress the importance of writing the Sales Copy first, and then creating a Product that lives up to the promises made in that Sales Copy.

The latter approach is beneficial for several reasons…

First, it takes away the boundaries of describing an existing product and allows you to create the Best Offer in the World! This allows you to write better Sales Copy and craft a better Offer, your creativity to truly run free and you to create a Dream Product that is loved by you and your potential customers. It’s a lot easier to craft an “irresistible offer” by describing the best possible Product you can imagine, rather than doing your best trying to describe an existing product.

Second, you actually get to test how well your Product will sell before you even get started on creating it! Before you invest time, energy and money in a product that takes weeks or even months to create – You get to see just how much people like your Offer. By doing this you completely take away the risk of investing in the creation of a product that flops (the worst that can happen is your Sales Copy flops).

This doesn’t take extra work, it’s simply a different Approach. This formula, system, approach (anything else you wanna call it) makes it easier and more realistic for a single person to create successful Products / Websites. It’s one of the main reasons all of the products I create have good conversion rates, receive good reviews and almost never flop. If you’re a single person, and you currently create or plan to create your own Products and Websites from scratch – this approach to creating Digital Products was developed with you in mind. It’s simple, easy to follow, logical and doesn’t require extra work…I highly recommend you implement it into your next project .


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